Entrepreneurial Investment Banking

Berlin Capital Partners (“BCP”) was founded in 2015 by experienced investment bankers who decided to start an entrepreneurial investment bank committed to provide the same high-quality services that clients expect from the large and multinational banks they previously worked at.

As an entrepreneurial investment bank BCP is focused on client service and value creation for the client, first and foremost.

At BCP, we believe that strength comes from focus and commitment. We focus on what we can best and where we can add real value. And we dare to say “no” when we are not convinced that we can negotiate the best deal for our client.

We hold the view that hard work and attention to details pay off in our business. A deep understanding of our client’s business, strategic goals and of the market and competitive environment support the successful planning, structuring and execution of deals.

Our mission

Client Service is our core

We are our clients’ trusted advisors committed to create real value as we structure, prepare and execute transactions on their behalf. Going the extra mile for our clients is part of our DNA. In each and every engagement our goal is to not just meet, but exceed our clients’ expectations.

We love challenging assignments and complex situations. We are only satisfied once we have achieved the best deal for our clients. We are determined and relentless, and also aggressive, if required, in pursuing our clients’ best interest.

Our Guiding Principles

Thriving for excellence

We want the best results for our clients. There is no good enough quality in our business. We go the extra mile and think out of the box to come up with the solution that works best. There is no standard product or standard service in our business. Innovative thinking can make the difference. And persistence.

Unbiased and clear advice

Our independence is a key asset in the business we are in. We have no outside shareholders, no outside providers of financing and no third parties that influence the way we work. We are convinced that our independence sets us apart and is in the best interest of our clients.

Highest professional standards

We are committed to the highest professional standards. Integrity, confidentiality and trust are core to our business model. We avoid any possible conflict of interest when we work for our clients.